NCAA Division III Rowing Championship

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NCAA Division III Rowing Championship
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Sport College rowing
Founded 2002
No. of teams 8
Country United States
Most recent
Wellesley College (1)
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The NCAA Division III Rowing Championship is a rowing championship held by the NCAA for Division III women's heavyweight (or openweight) collegiate crews.[1]


The NCAA Division III Women's Rowing Championships comprise 126 total competitors (148 including spares) and one event, varsity and second varsity eights together. Each race is 2,000 meters long. Six teams are selected, each of which is required to field two eights. In addition, as of 2005 two "at-large" boats are selected to enable representation by teams that have a single fast crew but not the depth for two competitive boats. The following criteria are used in selecting teams and individual boats:

  • Eligibility and availability of student-athletes.
  • Winning percentage, head-to-head results, results against common opponents.
  • Strength of schedule as demonstrated by results against regionally ranked teams.
  • Results against teams already in the championship.

If an analysis of the primary criteria by the committee does not result in a decision, the remainder of the institutions schedule, including out-of-region play and competition against Division I and II institutions, and nonmember institutions, and late season results will also be considered.

There are three rounds of racing over two days. First, there are two heats of seven boats. The first- and second-seeded crews are assured of being in separate heats, but the other boats are assigned randomly. The winner of each heat advances automatically to the grand final the next day, places 2-4 advance to the grand final qualifier, and places 5-7 go to the petite final qualifier. Both qualifiers are run later that day. From the grand final qualifier, the top four boats advance to the grand final (joining the two winners of the heats), and places 5 and 6 advance to the petite final. From the petite final qualifier, the top four boats advance to the petite final, and the other two are excluded from further racing. The grand-final decides places 1-6 for the championship (including the gold, silver, and bronze crews), and the petite final decides places 7-12; places 13 and 14 are the sixth- and seventh-place boats respectively from the petite final qualifier.

The individual boat champion is the winner of the grand final. The team champion is the one that records the lowest combined score for both boats. Each boat earns 1-12 points, reflecting how it finished relative to the field (ignoring the at-large boats). Ties in total points are broken by consideration of which team had the faster first varsity eight.


Year School Crew
2016 Wellesley Emilia Ball (8), Kathryn Barth (7), Sydney Dollmeyer (6), Loren Lock (5), Molly Hoyer (4), Olivia Duggan (3), Lauren Bazley (2), Katie Livingston (1), Alessandra Zaldívar-Giuffredi (cox), Head Coach: Tessa Spillane
2015 Bates
2014 Trinity Jillian Zieff (8), Renee Swetz (7), Madeleine Boudreau (6), Kathryn Hibbard (5), Julia Kelling (4), Catherine Guariglia (3), Rose Lichtenfels (2), Claire Barkin (1), Gwendolyn Schoch (cox), Head Coach: Wesley Ng
2013 Williams Katie Westervelt, Meg Steer, Andrea Remec, Stephanie Neul, Emma Laukitis, Piper Sallquist, Annie Haley, Dana Golden, Anna Hopkins (cox), Head Coach: Kate Maloney
2012 Williams Dana Golden, Annie Haley, Jane McClellan, Lindsay Olsen, Abbie Deal, Emma Pelegri-O'Day, Julia May, Dorothy MacAusland, Fiona Wilkes (cox), Head Coach: Kate Maloney
2011 Williams Anna Soybel, Adrienne Darrow, Dana Golden, Annie Haley, Abbie Deal, Lindsay Olsen, Kate Shaper, Emma Pelegri-O'Day, Becca Licht (cox), (Interim) Head Coach: Brad Hemmerly
2010 Williams Emma Pelegri-O'Day, Sarah Ginsberg, Madeline Berky, Dana Golden, Lindsay Olsen, Kate Shaper, Dorothy MacAusland, Julia Haltermann, Becca Licht (cox), Head Coach: Justin Moore
2009 Williams Julia Haltermann, Emma Pelegri-O'Day, Kate Shaper, Dorothy MacAusland, Meg Conan, Samantha Smith, Sarah Ginsberg, Katherine Robinson, Allison Prevatt (cox), Head Coach: Justin Moore
2008 Trinity Ellie Wierzbowski, Amory Minot, Ali Schmidt, Deede Dixon, Ashley Swiggett, Loren Massimino, Carmel Zahran, Natalie Jones, Stephanie Apstein (cox), Head Coach: Wesley Ng
2007 Williams Katherine Robinson, Katie Quayle, Carolyn Skudder, Louisa Berky, Kate Sortun, Julia Haltermann, Abby Weir, Emily Cheston, Allison Prevatt (cox), Head Coach: Pat Tynan
2006 Ithaca Sarah Kuebler, Emma Flemer, Kaitlin Veninsky, Stephanie Knabe, Kelsey Schaeffer, Stacey Bowen, Jane Semiz, Heather Luke, Melanie Pessin (cox), Head Coach: Becky Robinson
2005 Trinity Tara Maciog, Hadley Wilmerding, Elizabeth Guernsey, Sarah Carter, Katie Gordon, Loren Massimino, Ali Schmidt, Carmel Zahran, Emily McLean (cox), Head Coach: Marina Traub
2004 Ithaca Jill Moler, Nora Lahr, Jessie Selock, Megan Musnicki, Stephanie Knabe, Stacey Bowen, Heather Luke, Leslie Nichols, Catie Gloo (cox), Head Coach: Becky Robinson
2003 Colby Leah Hagamen, Emily Allen, Laura Mistretta, Annie Szender, Leah Robertson, Andrea Piekarski, Megan Loosigian, Ellie Boyce, Vivienne Ho (cox), Head Coach: Stew Stokes
2002 Williams Anne Rutherford, Anne Lewis, Liz Mygatt, Rachel DeSouza, Laura Spero, Shoshana Clark, Izzy Lowell, Emma Herries, Rachel Outman (cox), Head Coach: Justin Moore

Team champions[edit]

  • 2016 - Wellesley
  • 2015 - Bates
  • 2014 - Trinity
  • 2013 - Williams
  • 2012 - Williams
  • 2011 - Williams
  • 2010 - Williams
  • 2009 - Williams
  • 2008 - Williams+++
  • 2007 - Williams
  • 2006 - Williams+++
  • 2005 - Ithaca++
  • 2004 - Ithaca
  • 2003 - Colby
  • 2002 - Williams
  • Note: In 2005, Ithaca and Smith College tied in total points for the team title, which was awarded to Ithaca based on a better overall finish in the Varsity 8+ race. +++In 2006 and 2008, Williams College won the team title by placing second and third in the grand final. In all other years, the winner of the Varsity 8+ race also won the NCAA Division III team title.[2]

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