NCAA Division II Rowing Championship

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NCAA Division II Rowing Championship
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2015 NCAA Division II Rowing Championship
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Sport College rowing
Founded 2002
No. of teams 4
Country United States
Most recent champion(s) Humboldt (2)
Official website

The NCAA Division II Rowing Championship is a rowing championship held by the NCAA for Division II women's heavyweight (or openweight) collegiate crews.[1]


The NCAA Division II Women's Rowing Championships comprise 68 total competitors (86 including spares) and two events, varsity eights and fours. Four teams are selected, each of which is required to field an eight and a four. Two additional at-large schools are selected to field only an eight. The following criteria are used in selecting teams and individual boats:

  • Regional ranking; regional championship results.
  • Results against regionally ranked teams; results against teams already selected; results against common opponents.
  • Head-to-head competition; late-season performance.
  • Eligibility and availability of student-athletes.


Year School Crew
2014 Humboldt
2013 Nova Southeastern
2012 Humboldt
2011 Western Washington
2010 Western Washington
2009 Western Washington
2008 Western Washington 8+ Head Coach: John Fuchs
2007 Western Washington 8+ Head Coach: John Fuchs
2006 Western Washington 8+ Staci Reynolds, Julia Gamache, Jordon Tobler, Lindsay Mann-King, Rebecca Willms, Metta Gilbert, Samantha Marikis, Amelia Whitcomb, Elisabeth Johnson (cox), Head Coach: John Fuchs
2006 Western Washington 4+ Hilary Gastwirth, Katie Saelens, Katrina Anderson, Kirsten Mathers, Coree Naslund (cox) Head Coach: John Fuchs
2005 Western Washington 8+ Julia Gamache, Staci Reynolds, Lindsay Mann-King, Kailyn McGrath, Metta Gilbert, Gail Lumsden, Amelia Whitcomb, Stephanie Parker, Krissy Whaley (cox)
2005 Western Washington 4+ Courtney Moeller, Samantha Marikis, Tayna Kaufman, Jordan Tobler, Elisabeth Johnson (cox) Head Coach: John Fuchs
2004 Mercyhurst Kerri Kanaley, Courtney Oke, Chelsea Boothe, Meg Bryant, Megan Holloway, Kristin Best, Kristen Ficorilli, Jill Natale, Naomi Petendra (Cox)
2003 UC Davis Kari Harris, Ashley Montross, Becky Anderson, Kalie Benson, Brooke Forniciari, Shelley Best (Michelle Best-Rosinsky), Kerry Bryne, Cassie Drotman, Katie Borg (cox)
2002 UC Davis Analise Zoller, Brooke Forniciari, Julie Madsen, Kerry Bryne, Brooke Roberts, Sara Deleon, Shelley Best (Michelle Best-Rosinsky), Sabrina Litton, Sarah Whipple (cox)

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