NCAA Division II Women's Golf Championships

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NCAA Division II Women's Golf Championships
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Tournament information
Location United States
Established 1996
Course(s) 2015: The Meadows, Allendale, Michigan
Format Stroke play
Month played May
Current champion
Team: Indianapolis
Individual: Brenna Moore, Midwestern State

The NCAA Division II Women's Golf Championship, played in the month of May, is the annual competition in women's collegiate golf for individuals and teams from universities in Division II. It is a stroke play team competition. It involves counting the total number of strokes taken on each hole, by an individual player. The championship consists of four rounds, in which the teams with the highest amount of strokes are eliminated in each round. The individual with the lowest amount of strokes in the final round is awarded.

A combined Division II and Division III championship was held from 1996 to 1999, splitting into separate championships starting in 2000.[1]


  • The first four championships were held between teams from both Division II and Division III. The Division III tournament became independent starting in 2000.
Year Team champion Individual champion
1996 Methodist Shanna Nagy, Florida Southern
1997 Lynn Zoe Grimbeek, Lynn
1998 Methodist Shanna Nagy, Florida Southern
1999 Methodist Lisa Cave, Florida Southern
2000 Florida Southern Lisa Cave, Florida Southern
2001 Florida Southern Jana Peterkova, Florida Southern
2002 Florida Southern Jana Peterkova, Florida Southern
2003 Rollins Charlotte Campbell, Rollins
2004 Rollins Charlotte Campbell, Rollins
2005 Rollins Melissa Sneller, Grand Valley State
2006 Rollins Mariana De Biase, Rollins
2007 Florida Southern Daniela Iacobelli, Florida Tech
2008 Rollins Joanna Coe, Rollins
2009 Nova Southeastern Lyndsay McBride, Indianapolis
2010 Nova Southeastern Sandra Changkija, Nova Southeastern
2011 Nova Southeastern Taylor Collins, Nova Southeastern
2012 Nova Southeastern Abbey Gittings, Nova Southeastern
2013 Lynn Nancy Vergara, Barry
2014 Lynn Louise Manalo, Lynn
2015 Indianapolis Brenna Moore, Midwestern State

Multiple winners[edit]


The following schools have won more than one team championship:

  • 5: Rollins
  • 4: Florida Southern, Nova Southeastern
  • 3: Methodist, Lynn

Individual champion[edit]

The following women have won more than one individual championship:

  • 2: Charlotte Campbell, Lisa Cave, Shanna Nagy, Jana Peterkova

Individual champion's school[edit]

The following schools have produced more than one individual champion:

  • 6 champions: Florida Southern
  • 4 champions: Rollins
  • 3 champions: Nova Southeastern
  • 2 champions: Lynn

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