NCAA Division II Women's Volleyball Championship

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NCAA Division II Women's Volleyball Championship
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Sport College indoor volleyball
Founded 1981
Country  United States
Most recent
Wheeling Jesuit
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The NCAA Division II Women's Volleyball Championship is the annual championshipcontested by the NCAA to determine the national champion of Division II women's collegiate volleyball. It has been held annually since 1981, typically played in December after the fall regular season (the men's championship, conversely, is held in the spring).[1]

The most successful team has been Concordia–Saint Paul with seven titles. The current champion is Wheeling Jesuit, who won their first title in 2015.


From 1970 through 1980, before the NCAA governed women's collegiate athletics, the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women alone conducted the women's collegiate volleyball championships.

Volleyball was one of twelve women's sports added to the NCAA championship program for the 1981-82 school year, as the NCAA engaged in battle with the AIAW for sole governance of women's collegiate sports. The AIAW continued to conduct its established championship program in the same twelve (and other) sports; however, after a year of dual women's championships, the NCAA conquered the AIAW and usurped its authority and membership.

There is also a NCAA Men's National Collegiate Volleyball Championship for men's volleyball teams in Division I and Division II seeing as there are far fewer men's programs than women's.


NCAA Division II Volleyball Championship
Year Finals Site
Final Match Third-Place Match / Semifinalists Attendance
Champion Games Runner-up Third Place Games Fourth Place
1981 Riverside, CA
(UC Riverside)
Sacramento State 3–0 Lewis Cal State Northridge 3–0 Florida Southern 300
1982 Northridge, CA
(Cal State Northridge)
UC Riverside 3–0 Cal State Northridge Portland State 3–0 Sacramento State 700
1983 Lakeland, FL
(Florida Southern)
Cal State Northridge 3–2 Portland State Air Force 3–0 Nebraska–Omaha 650
1984 Portland, OR
(Portland State)
Portland State 3–0 Cal State Northridge Sacramento State 3–0 Sam Houston State 2,550
1985 Portland State (2) 3–1 Cal State Northridge Nebraska–Omaha 3–2 Sam Houston State 2,450
1986 Riverside, CA
(UC Riverside)
UC Riverside (2) 3–0 Cal State Northridge Nebraska–Omaha 3–0 North Dakota State 400
1987 Northridge, CA
(Cal State Northridge)
Cal State Northridge (2) 3–2 Central Missouri State Nebraska–Omaha 3–2 Ferris State 2,500
1988 Fargo, ND
(North Dakota State)
Portland State (3) 3–0 Cal State Northridge North Dakota State 3–2 Regis
1989 Bakersfield, CA
(Cal State Bakersfield)
Cal State Bakersfield 3–0 Sacramento State North Dakota State 3–1 Florida Southern 2,800
1990 West Texas State 3–0 North Dakota State Cal State Bakersfield 3–2 Portland State
1991 Canyon, TX
(West Texas State)
West Texas State (2) 3–0 Portland State North Dakota State 3–0 Florida Southern 3,188
1992 Portland, OR
(Portland State)
Portland State (3) 3–2 Northern Michigan West Texas State 3–0 Cal State Los Angeles 1,512
1993 Marquette, MI
(Northern Michigan)
Northern Michigan 3–1 Cal State Bakersfield Portland State 3–2 Northern Colorado 3,112
1994 Bakersfield, CA
(Cal State Bakersfield)
Northern Michigan (2) 3–1 Cal State Bakersfield Northern Colorado 3–0 Central Missouri State 2,181
1995 Miami Shores, FL
Barry 3–1 Northern Michigan Cal State Bakersfield 3–2 Central Missouri State 1,650
1996 Warrensburg, MO
(Central Missouri State)
Nebraska–Omaha 3–2 Tampa Northern Michigan 3–0 Central Missouri State 459
1997 Bakersfield, CA
(Cal State Bakersfield)
West Texas A&M (3) 3–2 Barry Cal State Bakersfield 3–0 Northern Michigan 1,376
1998 Kissimmee, FL Hawaii Pacific 3–1 North Dakota State Regis and Tampa 1,376
1999 Battle Creek, MI BYU Hawaii 3–0 Tampa Northern Kentucky and West Texas A&M 362
2000 Sioux Falls, SD
Hawaii Pacific (2) 3–0 Augustana (SD) California (PA) and North Alabama 3,307
2001 Allendale, MI
(Grand Valley State)
Barry (2) 3–0 South Dakota State UC San Diego and Grand Valley State 516
2002 Canyon, TX
(West Texas A&M)
BYU Hawaii 3–0 Truman State Grand Valley State and Tampa 1,666
2003 San Bernardino, CA
(Cal State San Bernardino)
North Alabama 3–1 Concordia–St. Paul Cal State San Bernardino and Grand Valley State 347
2004 Miami Shores, FL
Barry (3) 3–1 Truman Minnesota–Duluth and Nebraska–Kearney 1,905
2005 Kearney, NE
Grand Valley State 3–1 Nebraska–Kearney Cal State Los Angeles and Tampa 5,025
2006 Pensacola, FL
(West Florida)
Tampa 3–1 North Alabama Minnesota–Duluth and West Texas A&M 550
2007 Topeka, KS
Concordia–St. Paul 3–1 Western Washington Washburn and West Texas A&M 227
2008 St. Paul, MN
(Concordia–St. Paul)
Concordia–St. Paul (2) 3–2 Cal State San Bernardino Grand Valley State and Truman 1,537
2009 Concordia–St. Paul (3) 3–0 West Texas A&M Cal State San Bernardino and Flagler 1,869
2010 Louisville, KY Concordia–St. Paul (4) 3–1 Tampa Central Missouri and Dowling 156
2011 San Bernardino, CA
(Cal State San Bernardino)
Concordia–St. Paul (5) 3–0 Cal State San Bernardino Hillsdale and Tampa 2,879
2012 Pensacola, FL
(West Florida)
Concordia–St. Paul (6) 3–2 Tampa BYU Hawaii and Indianapolis 503
2013 Cedar Rapids, IA
(Upper Iowa University)
Concordia–St. Paul (7) 3–0 BYU Hawaii West Texas A&M and Wheeling Jesuit 500
2014 Louisville, KY
Tampa (2) 3–0 Southwest Minnesota State Arkansas–Fort Smith and Grand Valley State 600
2015 Tampa, FL
Wheeling Jesuit 3-0 Palm Beach Atlantic Wayne State and Western Washington 479
2016 Sioux Falls, SD
2017 Pensacola, FL
(West Florida)


  • Most championships: Concordia-St. Paul (7)
  • Undefeated Seasons: Hawaii Pacific (2000), Concordia-St. Paul (2009)


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