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The NCAA Men's Basketball All-American teams are teams made up of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball players voted the best in the country by a variety of organizations.


All-America teams in college basketball were first named by both College Humor magazine and the Christy Walsh Syndicate in 1929. In 1932, the Converse shoe company began publishing All-America teams in their yearly "Converse Basketball Yearbook," and continued doing so until they ceased publication of the yearbook in 1983. The Helms Athletic Foundation, created in 1936, retroactively named All-America teams for years 1905–35, and also continued naming teams until 1983.[1] The Associated Press began naming its team selections in 1948.[1]

Consensus teams[edit]

While an increasing number of media outlets select All-America teams, the NCAA recognizes consensus All-America teams back to 1905.[2] These teams have drawn from two to six major media sources over the years, and are intended to reflect the opinions of most college basketball experts. Today the four outlets used to select consensus teams are the Associated Press, the National Association of Basketball Coaches, the United States Basketball Writers Association and Sporting News magazine. Since 1984, the NCAA has applied a standardized point system to those teams designated as "major" All-American teams to determine consensus teams. The point system consists of three points for first team, two points for second team and one point for third team. No honorable mention or fourth team or lower are used in the computation. The top five totals plus ties are first team and the next five plus ties are second team.[3]

Teams used to determine consensus selections[edit]

Through the years, the following media outlets have been recognized and have been used to determine consensus teams. From 1905 to 1928, the Helms Athletic Foundation All-America teams are considered the "official" teams of those years by the NCAA.[4]

Granting Institution Years
Helms Athletic Foundation 19291948
College Humor 19291933; 1936
Christy Walsh Syndicate 19291930
Converse Yearbook 19321948
The Literary Digest 1934
Madison Square Garden 1937
Omaha World 19371942
Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA) 1938; 19531963
Collyer's News Bureau 1939
Pic 19421944
Sporting News 19431946; 19601962; 1998–present
Argosy 1945
True 19461947
Associated Press (AP) 1948–present
United Press International (UPI) 19491996
Look 19491962
Collier's 19491956
International News Service 19501958
National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) 1957–present
National Collegiate Association Bureau 1961
United States Basketball Writers Association (USBWA) 1963–present

Leaders by school[edit]

The top ten schools with the most consensus first-team All-Americans are listed below, ranked by total number of selections. For a complete list, please see the NCAA records.

School Selections Players Most recent
Most recent player
Kansas 32 25 2023 Jalen Wilson
North Carolina 28 19 2024 R. J. Davis
Purdue 28 19 2024 Zach Edey
Kentucky 27 22 2022 Oscar Tshiebwe
Duke 24 21 2019 RJ Barrett and Zion Williamson
Penn 24 14 1953 Ernie Beck
Notre Dame 23 14 2015 Jerian Grant
Wisconsin 22 19 2022 Johnny Davis
UCLA 21 15 2017 Lonzo Ball
Columbia 19 13 1957 Chet Forte

Academic All-Americans[edit]

In 1963, the first Academic All-American basketball team was named. The first team, selected by the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA), consisted of: Rod Thorn of West Virginia, Ken Charlton of Colorado, Gerry Ward of Boston College, Art Becker of Arizona State and Ray Flynn of Providence.[5] CoSIDA has named Academic All-America teams continuously each year since. For a complete list of first-team Academic All-Americans, please see the official NCAA records.

School Selections Players
UCLA 17 10
Kansas 15 11
Indiana 13 9
Duke 13 8
Notre Dame 13 8
North Carolina 11 9
Kentucky 9 8
Gonzaga 8 7
BYU 8 4
Purdue 7 5

Through 2020

Preseason All-Americans[edit]

In 1986, the Associated Press named the first preseason All-America team for the 1986–87 NCAA Division I men's basketball season. Navy's David Robinson was the leading vote-getter that year. He was joined on the team by Steve Alford of Indiana, Danny Manning of Kansas, Kenny Smith of North Carolina and Pervis Ellison of Louisville.[6] In 2011, Harrison Barnes of North Carolina became the first freshman voted a preseason All-American by the AP.[7]

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