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Developer Acorn Computers, Pace
Working state Historic
Available in English
Platforms ARM
Default user interface RISC OS
License Proprietary

NCOS is the graphical user interface-based operating system developed for use in Oracle's Network Computers (those computers have been discontinued).[1] It was adapted by Acorn Computers from its own RISC OS,[2][3] which was originally developed for their range of Archimedes desktop computers. It shares with RISC OS the same 4 MB ROM size and suitability for use with TV displays.

Pace purchased the rights to use and develop NCOS from the STB division of Acorn Computers[4] (by then named Element 14). RISCOS Ltd later announced 'Embedded RISC OS', which was to have similarities with NCOS.[5]


NCOS originated in connection with the Network Computer project. It was used on various STB products.[6] It branched from RISC OS 3.60 and was called RISC OS 3.61[citation needed] before being named after Network Computer Operating System.[7] It was merged back into the HEAD whilst at Pace,[citation needed] where it was known as RISC OS-NC[8] and RO-STB.[9]


NCOS was designed in accordance with the Network Computer Reference Profile and therefore supports internet standards of the time.[citation needed] Being closely based on RISC OS, it is also capable of running a number of that operating system's applications.[10]

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