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The National Collegiate Paintball Association is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization created by college players for college players.[1] The goal of the NCPA is to promote the positive aspects of the sport in an intercollegiate manner. The NCPA consists of two distinct classes which competes separately across the United States. Class AA is an open-class division where any college may enter and compete in regional and national tournaments.[2] On the other hand, Class A is a closed-class division where only certain colleges may compete after securing a bid in the previous season.[3] Class A represents the best talent of college paintball and includes universities such as: Drexel University, University of Maryland, Illinois State University, Purdue University, University of Connecticut, Penn State University, plus 10 other teams across three conferences all fighting for a national title. The association's 2007 playoff tournament was aired on Fox Sports Net's digital cable college sports network, Fox College Sports.


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