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NCR 53c80 SCSI controller

The NCR 5380 is an early SCSI controller chip developed by NCR Microelectronics. It was popular due to its simplicity and low cost. The 5380 was used in the Macintosh Plus and in numerous SCSI cards for personal computers, including the Amiga and Atari TT. The 5380 was second sourced by several chip makers, including AMD and Zilog.

The NCR 5380 also made a significant appearance in Digital Equipment Corporation's VAX computers, where it was featured on various Q-Bus modules and as an integrated SCSI controller in numerous MicroVAX, VAXstation and VAXserver computers. Many UMAX SCSI optical scanners also contain the 53C80 chip interfaced to an Intel 8031-series microcontroller.

Single-chip SCSI controller NCR 53c400[1] used SCSI 5380 core.

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