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The NEC e313 mobile phone is a handheld 3G phone from NEC Corporation.


This phone has many features which very advanced for the time it was released, such as copy/paste of text, files and organisation of files in folders, as well as PDA-like features such as putting shortcuts direct to files, bookmarks etc. on the desktop.


The screen resolution of the e313 is 240 x 176 pixels and is able to reproduce up to 65,536 different colours.


The e313 features 19 MB of memory built-in which was impressive at the time the phone was released. The e313 also features a slot in the side of the phone that takes a removable Sony MemoryStick Duo memory card,

Built-in Camera[edit]

The e313 has a VGA quality integrated camera that is capable of 640 x 480 pixel resolution. The camera's exposure level can be adjusted to match different light conditions. A digital zoom between 1.7x to 3.3x is also available and it can take still pictures of three different sizes: 129 x 96 pixels, 120 x 120 pixels and 352 x 288 pixels. The camera is set into the top end of the phone and it can be rotated through up to 180 degrees.

Rechargeable battery[edit]

Battery life is a significant weak-point of the e313. With low to moderate usage it has a realistic discharge time of 10 hours. The e313 takes Lithium ion batteries. The phone comes with two 1100mAh batteries.



The user can select images that are loaded onto the phone as a background or either download new ones from the internet or take their own images using the camera to use as a wallpaper.


The ringtone format is a MIDI derivative, and extra software is needed to convert standard midi tunes to play on the e313.

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