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Neowiz Co., Ltd.
IndustryOnline gaming
FoundedApril 26, 2007 (2007-04-26)
Key people
Ji-Soo Moon (CEO)
ParentNeowiz Holdings

NEOWIZ Co., Ltd. (Korean: 네오위즈) is a South Korean online game company established in 2007. It is a subsidiary of Neowiz Holdings. Neowiz provides first-person shooters, sports, role-playing games and other various genres of games through a game portal website called 'Pmang'.

The company has been recognized for game distribution, but recently has been concentrating on enhancing its production skills and servicing its own games. Neowiz is continuing to provide its stable services on mobile as well as on PC. In addition to web boards such as Pmang Poker and Pmang New Matgo, the company successfully placed 'Nobless with Naver Webtoon' which used Webtoon IP and SRPG Brown Dust in the domestic market. Especially, Brown Dust has been steadily growing and expanding service areas by being launched in Japan. Followed by such success, the company has also started providing services in six Southeast Asian countries in August 2018. Since then, with the plan for entering the Chinese market, Neowiz has been actively pursuing global market development.

In addition, in the first half of 2018, rhythm games Tapsonic World Champion, Muse Maker and Tapsonic Top were launched in succession. In the second half of the year, casual mobile games such as Jump Arena, Larva Match, Swipe Brick Breaker and et cetera are also being launched.

Furthermore, large-scale MMORPG Bless has also launched a global access service with an early-access version. Although it was a test phase, it ranked allegedly first in sales, attracting minor interest from users in North America and Europe. It ranked allegedly first in sales with only about 34k peak concurrent players at launch on NA Steam release. The devs were not able to maintain the player base and now the average 24 hour peak is about 500 players. As of September 9th, 2019, Bless Online shut down service on the Steam platform, following an announcement from the team's devs. A game sharing the same name but not billed as an MMO, Bless Unleashed, is headed for open beta in November.


Online Games[edit]

Bless Unleashed[edit]

Bless Online[edit]

  • Launched in South Korea in January 2016 (Service Ended)
  • Launched in Japan in November 2017 (Service Ended)
  • Released Steam early-access version in May, 2018
  • Ended service on Steam September 2019

Asker Online[edit]

  • Shut down in March 22, 2016 (KR)

Mobile Games[edit]


Brown Dust[edit]
  • Launched in South Korea in April 2017
  • Launched in Japan in March 2018
  • Launched in 6 Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines) in August 2018
  • Launched in Global/Europe in March 2019
Nobless with Naver Webtoon[edit]
  • Launched in South Korea in April 2017
Sound of Your Heart with Naver Webtoon[edit]
  • Launched in South Korea in April 2016
  • Global launch in August 2016

-Rhythm Action[edit]

DJMax Respect[edit]
  • Released PS4 version in July, 2017
Tapsonic World Champion[edit]
  • Launched in New Zealand in June 2017
  • Global launch in November 2017
  • Released in Korea and Japan in February 2018
  • Released Steam early-access version in June 2018
Tapsonic Top[edit]
  • Global launch in September 2017
  • Launched in South Korea in April 2018

-Web Board[edit]

Pmang New Matgo[edit]
  • Launched in June 2013
Pmang Poker[edit]
  • Launched in August 2013


Jump Arena[edit]
  • Global launch in July 2018
Larva Match[edit]
  • Started business in June, 2018
  • Launched in South Korea in July 2018
Swipe Brick Breaker[edit]
  • Global launch in July 2018