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Remote job entry is the procedure for sending requests for data processing tasks or 'jobs' to mainframe computers from remote workstations, and by extension the process of receiving the output from such tasks at a remote workstation.

The RJE workstation is called a remote because it usually is located some distance from the host computer. The workstation connects to the host through a modem or local area network (LAN). Today this is known as the client–server model, and RJE is an early form of a request–response architecture.

The terms Remote Batch, Remote Job System[citation needed] and Remote Job Processing are also used for RJE facilities.


Remote Job Entry (RJE) is also the name of an OS/360 component[1] that provided RJE services. An RJE workstation operator may have complete console control of the job flow between the workstation and mainframe, depending on local configuration and policy.

Conversational Remote Job Entry (CRJE)[2] is a component of OS/360 and OS/VS1 that provides job submission, job retrieval and editing for a user at an interactive terminal.

NETRJS is the protocol developed by the Campus Computing Network at UCLA to deliver batch jobs to their IBM 360 Model 91.[3][4] This protocol was originally assigned to ARPANET Initial Connection Protocol sockets 71, 73, and 75,[5] and later reassigned to Internet ports 71-74.[6]

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