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For other uses, see NFD (disambiguation).
Origin UK
Genres Gothic metal
Gothic rock
Years active 2000-present
Labels Jungle Records
Associated acts Rubicon
The Eden House
Fields of the Nephilim
Website Facebook Page
Members Peter "Bob" White
Chris Milden
Luca Mazzucconi
Past members Simon Rippin
Steve Carey
Tony Pettitt

NFD (meaning Noise for Destruction) are a London-based hybrid metal band formed by Peter "Bob" White and Simon Rippin (both formerly of Sensorium) and Tony Pettitt (formerly of Fields of the Nephilim). The band have released three albums and three EPs.


The band was formed after Pettitt had left the aborted Fields of the Nephilim reformation in 2002.[1] Together with drummer Simon Rippin (ex the Nefilim), guitarists Chris Milden and Stephen Carey and vocalist Peter White (ex Sensorium) they signed to Jungle Records in 2003. They made their debut with the three song Break The Silence EP released towards the end of the year.[2] They recorded the album No Love Lost which appeared in October 2004, and featured a guest-appearance by Peter Yates.[3] A year later, an expanded version with live-tracks appeared. The band was reduced to a core trio of Rippin, White and Pettitt for their second album Dead Pool Rising, released in August 2006, while White took over guitar-duties.[4] The songs had been recorded the previous year over an eight week period, while the band played a number of festivals and support slots around Europe.[5]

In April 2008 the band released Deeper Visions, an enhanced EP with six new tracks, two remixes and four videos. It was preceded by the single When The Sun Dies.[6] Pettitt went on to develop his The Eden House project, which included contributions from Rippin and Carey. At this time, Luca Mazzucconi replaced Simon Rippin on drums.

NFD recorded the EP Reformations, released September 2013.[7] It was followed by the third album Waking The Dead, which appeared in October 2014. It featured James McIlroy on guitars and Ali De Morgoli on keyboards.[8]

Band members[edit]



  • "Light My Way", March 2006
  • "When the Sun Dies", February 2008
  • "Got left behind", July 2016


  • Break the Silence, October 2003
  • Deeper Visions, April 2008
  • Reformations, 2013


  • No Love Lost, October 2004
  • No Love Lost: Live and Unleashed, May 2005
  • Dead Pool Rising, June 2006
  • Waking The Dead (2014)


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