NFF Futsal Eliteserie

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NFF Futsal Eliteserie
Country Norway
Confederation UEFA
Founded 2008
Number of teams 10
Relegation to First Division
Domestic cup(s) none
International cup(s) UEFA Futsal Cup
Current champions KFUM Oslo
TV partners NFF TV[1]
TV2 Sumo[2]
Current Season at

Norwegian Futsal Premier League is the top division for futsal in Norway. Its official Norwegian name is NFF Futsal Eliteserie ("NFF Futsal Elite Series").[3]



There are 10 clubs in the Norwegian Futsal Premier League. During the course of a season, each club plays the others twice, for a total of 18 games for each club, and a total of 90 games in a season. The season starts in late-November and lasts until mid-February. Matches are played over 6 weekends during the winter, each weekend in a different location. Each team plays 3 matches during a weekend, two on Saturdays and one on Sundays. The venues for the first season are Askøy Forum, Drammenshallen, Askimhallen, Steinkjerhallen and Ekeberghallen twice.[4]

Teams receive three points for a win and one point for a draw. No points are awarded for a loss. Teams are ranked by total points, then goal difference, goals scored, and then head to head records used to separate teams on equal points. At the end of each season, the club with the most points is crowned "Champions". The two lowest placed teams are automatically relegated to the First Division and will be replaced by two teams from a 12-team playoff tournament in the First Division.[3]

European qualification[edit]

The winners of the Norwegian Futsal Premier League qualifies for the UEFA Futsal Cup.

Members for 2009–10[edit]

The following 10 clubs will compete in the Norwegian Futsal Premier League during the 2010–11 season:

in 2009–10
First season in
top division
Number of seasons
in top division
First season of
current spell in
top division
Top division
Last title
Fyllingsdalen 4 2008–09 2 2008–09 n/a
Holmlia 7 2008–09 2 2008–09 n/a
Horten 8 2008–09 2 2008–09 n/a
KFUM Oslo 1 2008–09 2 2008–09 1 2009-10
Kongsvinger 2010–11 1 2010–11 n/a
Nidaros 3 2008–09 2 2008–09 1 2008–09
Sandefjord 6 2008–09 2 2008–09 n/a
Solør 5 2008–09 2 2008–09 n/a
Vegakameratene 2 2008–09 2 2008–09 n/a
Øystese 2010–11 1 2010–11 n/a

Former members[edit]

First season in
top division
Number of seasons
in top division
Top division
Last title
Bogstadveien 2008–09 1 n/a
Harstad 2008–09 1 n/a
Lillehammer 2009–10 1 n/a
Nordpolen 2009–10 1 n/a


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