NFL QB Club 2002

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NFL QB Club 2002
NFL Quarterback Club 2002.jpg
PAL region cover art featuring Brett Favre (left) and Rich Gannon (right)
Developer(s) Acclaim
Publisher(s) Acclaim Sports
Platform(s) GameCube
PlayStation 2


  • NA: December 14, 2001

PlayStation 2

  • NA: September 5, 2001
  • PAL: October 19, 2001
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

NFL QB Club 2002 is a football video game developed and published by Acclaim Entertainment under their Acclaim Sports banner. It is the final game in Acclaim's NFL Quarterback Club series. Some of the game's key features are:

  • NFL Quarterback Challenge mode, featuring four head-to-head events: Speed and Mobility, Accuracy, Long Distance Throw and Read & Recognition.
  • Unlock retired players like John Elway, Dan Marino, Steve Young, Jim Kelly and Phil Simms
  • 31 NFL clubs and over 1500 NFL players.
  • Play-by-play from Kevin Harlan and color commentary from Bill Maas.
  • Player models feature blinking eyes, jaw motions, facial expressions and removable helmets.
  • Player injuries, penalties and weather conditions affect season play and individual player performance.
  • 5 modes of play: Season, Exhibition, Challenge Mode, Playoffs, and Pro Bowl.

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