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The NFL rates its passers for statistical purposes against a fixed performance standard based on statistical achievements of all qualified pro passers since 1960. The current passer rating system, which was adopted in 1973, removes inequities that existed in the former method and, at the same time, provides a means of comparing passing performances from one season to the next.
It is important to remember that the system is used to rate passers, not quarterbacks. Statistics do not reflect leadership, play-calling, and other intangible factors that go into making a successful professional quarterback.

Four categories are used as a basis for compiling a rating:

  • Percentage of completions per attempt
  • Average yards gained per attempt
  • Percentage of touchdown passes per attempt
  • Percentage of interceptions per attempt

The average standard is 1.000. The bottom is .000. To earn a 2.000 rating, a passer must perform at exceptional levels, i.e., 70 percent in completions, 10 percent in touchdowns, 1.5 percent in interceptions, and 11 yards average gain per pass attempt. In order to make the rating more understandable, the point rating is then converted into a scale of 100, with 158.3 being the highest rating a passer can achieve. In cases where statistical performance has been superior, it is possible for a passer to surpass a 100 rating.
Quarterbacks are required to throw at least 1,500 passes before their ratings qualify for NFL career statistics for the regular season, and 150 attempts for the postseason.[1]

Regular season[edit]

Players in bold and green are currently active in the NFL.
Names in italics and red represent members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

= Active player = Hall of Famer

Updated through October 24, 2016.[2][3]

Below 1500 Attempts[edit]

Updated through October 24, 2016.


Updated through the 2015 season

Below 150 Attempts[edit]

Updated through the 2015 season

Active Starting QBs below minimum attempts needed
Rank if
Quarterback Rating Attempts
11 Matthew Stafford 92.4 85
23 Jay Cutler 84.8 42
31 Kirk Cousins 82.4 56
56 AJ McCarron 68.3 41
58 Carson Palmer 66.9 81
74 Brian Hoyer 15.9 34

All-time rankings in the 4 categories[edit]

These are the top 10 quarterbacks in each statistic that determine the NFL passer rating.[4]
Minimum: 1,500 Attempts
Records through October 9, 2016.

= Active player = Hall of Famer

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