NGC 1317

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NGC 1317
The contrasting galaxies NGC 1316 and 1317.jpg
The contrasting galaxies NGC 1316 and 1317
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 03h 38.5m[1]
Declination−35° 27′[1]
Distancefrom 17 megaparsecs (55 Mly)
to 26.9 megaparsecs (88 Mly)
Apparent magnitude (V)11.0[1]
Apparent size (V)2.8′ × 2.4′[1] (55,000 light-years in diameter)
Notable featuresLarge uncertain of distance
Other designations
ESO 357-23, IRAS 03208-3716, MCG -6-8-6, NGC 1318 and PGC 12653

NGC 1317 (also known as NGC 1318) is barred spiral galaxy in constellation Fornax, in Fornax cluster. It was discovered by Julius Schmidt on January 19, 1865. It appears to be interacting with much larger NGC 1316, but uncertanity of distance and scales of tidal distortions make this uncertain. It is a member of NGC 1316 subgroup, part of Fornax Cluster. Its size is 2.8' x 2.4' which with average distance gives diameter of 55,000 light-years.

Distace estimates[edit]

NGC 1317's central region by HST

NGC 1317 has uncertain distance. Based on redshift distance is 55,1 milion light-years, but it isn't on NED base and some other metods estimate distance as large as 88,4 milion light-years. Distance of this galaxy is somewhere between 55 and 88 Mly, but true distance is unknown.[2] Average distance between two estimates is around 70 milion light-years, which means NGC 1317 is also in Fornax Cluster.


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