NGC 1326

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NGC 1326
NGC 1326 -HST06496 01R814G555B439.png
Hubble Space Telescope image of NGC 1326
Observation data
Right ascension 03h 23m 56.4s
Declination−36° 27′ 52″
Helio radial velocity1371 km/s
Distance (comoving)19.000.000
Group or clusterFornax Cluster
Apparent magnitude (V)10.54
Apparent magnitude (B)11.43
Size70.000 light-years in diameter
Apparent size (V)3.9' x 2.9'

NGC 1326 is a lenticular galaxy in the constellation Fornax,[1] 63 million light-years away. It was discovered by English astronomer John Herschel on 29 November 1837.[2] It is a member of Fornax Cluster, a NGC 1316 subgroup and has a diameter of 70 000 light-years.

NGC 1326 is early-type lenticular galaxy with Hubble classification of S0, but it is very different from other early-type lenticulars in Fornax Cluster. NGC 1326 has a nuclear ring.


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