NGC 1342

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NGC 1342
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 03h 31m 38s[1]
Declination+37° 22′ 36″[1]
Distance2,170 ly (665 pc[2])
Apparent magnitude (V)6.7 [1]
Apparent dimensions (V)17'
Physical characteristics
Estimated age450 million years
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NGC 1342 is an open cluster in the constellation Perseus. It was discovered by William Herschel on 28 December 1799. It is located in the south of the constellation, almost halfway between Algol (β Persei) and ζ Persei, away from the plane of the Milky Way. NGC 1342 has an apparent size of 17' and an apparent magnitude of 6.7, marginally visible by naked eye.[3] In 1994, Peña, J. H. and Peniche, R. estimated by the use of photometric data, that the age of the cluster is 400 million years.[4]


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