NGC 1705

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NGC 1705
NGC 1705.jpg
NGC 1705. Credit: NASA.
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Constellation Pictor
Right ascension 04h 54m 13.5s[1]
Declination −53° 21′ 40″[1]
Redshift 633 ± 6 km/s[1]
Distance 17 Mly (5.2 Mpc)[2]
Apparent magnitude (V) 12.8[1]
Type SA0 pec[1]
Apparent size (V) 1′.9 × 1′.4[1]
Other designations
PGC 16282[1]
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NGC 1705 is a peculiar lenticular galaxy and a blue compact dwarf galaxy in the constellation Pictor, undergoing a starburst. In the Catalogue of Named Galaxies, it is called Ignigena Pictoris, or the fire-born galaxy.[3] It is estimated to be approximately 17 million light-years from the Earth.[2] It is a member of the Dorado Group.[4]


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Coordinates: Sky map 04h 54m 13.5s, −53° 21′ 40″