Coordinates: Sky map 05h 22m 44s, +33° 24′ 4″

NGC 1893

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NGC 1893
NGC 1893 Spitzer View.jpg
Star Cluster NGC 1893 imbedded in the emission nebula IC 410.
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension05h 22m 44.(0)s[1]
Declination+33° 24′ 4(2)″[1]
Distance3,790 pc (12,400 ly)[2]
Apparent magnitude (V)7.5[3]
Apparent dimensions (V)11.0′[3]
Physical characteristics
Estimated age4 Myr[4]
Other designationsCr 63, Mel 33, C0519+333, Lund 166, OCL 439, OCISM 101, Raab 24
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NGC 1893 is an open cluster in the constellation Auriga. It is about 12,400 light years away. The star cluster is embedded in the HII region IC 410.[5]

Images of the star cluster by the Chandra X-ray Observatory suggest that it contains approximately 4600 young stellar objects.[6]


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