NGC 2423-3 b

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NGC 2423-3 b
Exoplanet List of exoplanets
Parent star
Star NGC 2423-3
Constellation Puppis
Right ascension (α) 07h 37m 09s
Declination (δ) −13° 54′ 24″
Distance 2498 ly
(766 pc)
Spectral type K-M III
Orbital elements
Semi-major axis (a) 2.1 AU
Periastron (q) 1.66 AU
Apastron (Q) 2.54 AU
Eccentricity (e) 0.21 ± 0.07
Orbital period (P) 714.3 ± 5.3 d
Argument of
(ω) 18 ± 10°
Time of periastron (T0) 2,453,213 ± 21 JD
Semi-amplitude (K) 71.5 m/s
Physical characteristics
Mass (m) >10.6 MJ
Discovery information
Discovery date 21 June 2007
Discoverer(s) Mayor et al.
Discovery method Doppler spectroscopy
Discovery site  France
Discovery status Published

NGC 2423-3b is an extrasolar planet[1] approximately 2498 light-years away in the constellation of Puppis. The planet was announced in 2007 to be orbiting the red giant star NGC 2423-3 (which in turn is part of the NGC 2423 open cluster). The planet has a mass at least 10.6 times that of Jupiter. Only the minimum mass is known since the orbital inclination is not known, so it may instead be a brown dwarf.

This planet was discovered by Christophe Lovis and Michel Mayor in June 2007. Lovis had also found three Neptune-mass planets orbiting HD 69830 in May 2006, also in Puppis.

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Coordinates: Sky map 07h 37m 09s, −13° 54′ 24″