NGC 305

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NGC 305
NGC 0305 DSS.jpg
Object typeAsterism edit this on wikidata
Other designationsNGC 305, PGC 3313, UGC 571, IRAS F00533+1151, 2MASX J00555858+1207261, MCG+02-03-015, LEDA 3313, UZC J005558.5+120725, Z 0053.4+1150, Z 435-23
Observation data
(Epoch J2000.0)
ConstellationPisces Edit this on Wikidata
 00h 56m
Declination+12° 04′
Redshift0.041078 ±5.7e-05 Edit this on Wikidata

In visual light (V)
Apparent size
11 Edit this on Wikidata

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NGC 305 is an asterism in the constellation Pisces, discovered on October 17, 1825 by the British astronomer John Herschel.

It is uncertain if the stars are related to one another, but the brightest member, TYC 608-677-2, is a G3V main-sequence star 1330 ± 400 light years away, with a proper motion of 13.8 ± 2.0 mas/yr, or 26.7 ± 4.0 km/s relative to the Sun.

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