NGC 3486

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NGC 3486
NGC 3486
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
ConstellationLeo Minor
Right ascension11h 00m 23.946s[1]
Declination+28° 58′ 29.35″[1]
Redshift+0.004113 ± 0.000003[2]
Helio radial velocity+681[3] km/s
Distance27.4 Mly (8.41 Mpc)[3]
Apparent magnitude (V)10.5[4]
Apparent size (V)7.1' × 5.3'
Other designations
UGC 6079

NGC 3486 is an intermediate barred spiral galaxy located about 27.4[3] million light years away in the constellation of Leo Minor. It has a morphological classification of SAB(r)c,[5] which indicates it is a weakly barred spiral with an inner ring and loosely wound arms.[6] This is a borderline, low-luminosity Seyfert galaxy with an active nucleus. However, no radio or X-ray emission has been detected from the core, and it may only have a small supermassive black hole with less than a million times the mass of the Sun.[7]


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Coordinates: Sky map 10h 59m 44.8s, +28° 59′ 44.8″