NGC 369

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NGC 369
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 01h 05m 08.9s[1]
Declination−17° 45′ 33″[1]
Helio radial velocity6,238 km/s[1]
Apparent magnitude (V)14.33[1]
Apparent size (V)1.0' × 0.8'[1]
Other designations
ESO 541- G 017, MCG -03-03-022, 2MASX J01050889-1745331, IRAS F01027-1800, ESO-LV 5410170, PGC 3856.[1]
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NGC 369 is a spiral galaxy located in the constellation Cetus. It was discovered on October 9, 1885 by Francis Leavenworth. It was described by Dreyer as "very faint, very small, round, gradually brighter middle."[2]


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