NGC 3717

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Coordinates: Sky map 11h 31m 31.992s, -30° 18′ 27.86″

NGC 3717
A Spiral in Profile NGC 3717.jpg
NGC 3717 taken by Hubble Space Telescope.[1]
Observation data (J2000[2] epoch)
Right ascension 11h 31m 31.992s[2]
Declination−30° 18′ 27.86″[2]
Helio radial velocity1727.8km/s[2]
Distance81.43 M[light-year
Apparent magnitude (B)12.21[2]
Other designations
AM 1129-300, 6dFGS gJ113131.9-301828, ESO 439-15, ESO-LV 439-0150, FLASH J113131.73-301827.9, HIPASS J1131-30, IRAS 11290-3001, IRAS F11290-3001, LEDA 35539, 2MASX J11313199-3018278, MCG-05-27-015, NVSS J113131-301828, PSCz Q11290-3001, SGC 112903-3001.9, UGCA 238, [CHM2007] LDC 811 J113131.99-3018278, [M98c] 112903.0-300154[2]

NGC 3717 is a spiral galaxy located in the constellation of Hydra at an approximate distance of 81.43 million light years. NGC 3717 was discovered in 1834 by Sir John Herschel.[1]

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