NGC 4469

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NGC 4469
SDSS NGC 4469.jpeg
SDSS image of NGC 4469
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 12h 29m 28.0s[1]
Declination08° 45′ 00″[1]
Redshift0.001798/539 km/s[1]
Distance54,610,000 ly[1]
Group or clusterVirgo Cluster
Apparent magnitude (V)12.0[1]
TypeSB(s)0/a, LINER[1]
Size~60,380 ly (estimated)[1]
Apparent size (V)2.50 x 1.04[1]
Other designations
PGC 41164, UGC 7622, VCC 1190[1]
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NGC 4469 is a nearly edge-on spiral galaxy[2] located about 55 million light-years away[3] in the constellation of Virgo.[4] It is also classified as a LINER galaxy.[3] NGC 4469 was discovered by astronomer William Herschel on April 15, 1784.[5] It is a member of the Virgo Cluster.[6]

Physical characteristics[edit]

NGC 4469 has an X or peanut-shaped bulge, betraying the presence of a bar which generates such structures.[2][7] NGC 4469 may also have an axisymmetric structure. [8]

HST image of NGC 4469 showing filaments of dust and a distinct peanut shaped bulge.

Dust Lanes[edit]

NGC 4469 has dust lanes that cross the Earth's line of sight.[6]

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