NGC 4790

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NGC 4790
NGC 4790 color cutout hst 09042 j8 wfpc2 f814w f606w f450w wf sci.jpg
NGC 4790
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 12h 54m 51.9s
Declination-10° 14' 52"
Apparent magnitude (V)12.4
TypeBarred Spiral (SBc)
Other designations
4790, MCG -2-33-56, IRAS12522-0958, PGC 43972
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NGC 4790 is a Barred Spiral Galaxy (SBc) located in the vicinity of the constellation Virgo. It has a declination of -10° 14' 52" and a right ascension of 12 hours, 54 minutes and 51.9 seconds. In 2012, a possible supernova, SN 2012au, was detected in NGC 4790.[1]

The galaxy was discovered on 25 March 1786 by William Herschel.

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