NGC 5050

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NGC 5050
Observation data
Right ascension 13h 15m 41s[1]
Declination2° 52′ 44″[1]
Distance271 Mly[1]
Apparent size (V)1.1′ × 24′[1]
Other designations
CGCG 44-43, MCG 1-34-12, PGC 46138, UGC 8329.
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NGC 5050 is a lenticular galaxy in the constellation Virgo. It was discovered by a German astronomer Albert Marth on April 30, 1864.[2] It is also known as CGCG 44-43, MCG 1-34-12, PGC 46138, UGC 8329.[1]

Marth discovered it in Malta with the help of Lassel's 48" reflector.[3] It is faint, small and stellar with an apparent magnitude of 1.4.[2]

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