NGC 559

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NGC 559
NGC 559.png
Observation data
Right ascension 01h 29m 33.2s
Declination+63° 18′ 05″
Distance3700 ly (1140 pc)
Apparent magnitude (V)+9.5
Apparent dimensions (V)7.0′[1]
Physical characteristics
Other designationsCaldwell 8
See also: Open cluster, List of open clusters

NGC 559, also Caldwell 8, is an open cluster and Caldwell object in the constellation Cassiopeia. It shines at magnitude +9.5. Its celestial coordinates are RA  01h 29.5m, dec +63° 18′. It is located near the open cluster NGC 637, and the bright magnitude +2.2 irregular variable star Gamma Cassiopeiae. The cluster is 7 arcmins across.[1]

Map showing the location of NGC 559


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