NGC 5970

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NGC 5970
NGC 5970 hst 08597 606.png
NGC 5970 imaged by Hubble Space Telescope
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
ConstellationSerpens Caput
Right ascension 15h 38m 50s
Declination+12° 11′ 00″
Distance90 ± 2 M ly
Apparent magnitude (V)11.5
Apparent size (V)2.90′ × 1.20′
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NGC 5970 is a large barred-spiral galaxy located about 90 million light years away in the constellation Serpens Caput. It appears to have two satellite or companion galaxies.


NGC 5970 can be seen 1° southwest of the star Chi Serpentis. A faint halo of dust can be seen around the galaxy's outer spiral arms.


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