NGC 6167

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NGC 6167
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
ConstellationNorma / Ara
Right ascension16h 34m 34.(0)s[1]
Declination−49° 46′ 1(8)″[1]
Distance3,610 ly (1,108 pc)[1]
Apparent magnitude (V)6.7[2]
Apparent dimensions (V)20′[3]
Physical characteristics
Estimated age77.1 Myr[1]
Other designationsCr 305, OCL 971, ESO 226-SC16, VDBH 192, C1630-495
See also: Open cluster, List of open clusters

NGC 6167 is an open cluster in the constellation of Norma, viewed from Earth it has an apparent magnitude of 6.7.


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