NGC 637

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NGC 637
Observation data (J2000.0 epoch)
Right ascension 01h 43.1m[1]
Declination +64° 02′[1]
Distance 7,045 ly (2,160 pc)[1]
Apparent magnitude (V) 8.2[2]
Apparent dimensions (V) 4.2′[3]
Physical characteristics
Estimated age 10 ± 5 myr[3]
Other designations NGC 637, Collinder 17[2]
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NGC 637 is an open cluster of stars in the constellation Cassiopeia. It has a Trumpler classification of I2m and an angular diameter of 4.2′. At a distance of approximately 7,045 light years, this corresponds to a diameter of 9.8 light-years (3.0 pc). The estimated age of this cluster is 5–15 million years.[3][1]


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