NGC 6845

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NGC 6845
NGC 6845GALEX.jpg
GALEX photograph of the galaxy cluster: in the center, NGC 6845A; above and to the left of 6845A, NGC 6845B; the components NGC 6845C and NGC 6845D are in this image but cannot be seen clearly.
Observation data (Epoch J2000.0)
Right ascension 20h 01.0m
Declination−47° 04′
90 Mpc (294 Mly)
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NGC 6845 (also known as Klemola 30) is an interacting system of four galaxies in the constellation Telescopium. The cluster has certain similarities with Stephan's Quintet. Its distance is estimated to be about 90 Mpc.

The components of the galaxy cluster are the two spiral galaxies NGC 6845A and NGC 6845B as well as the two lenticular galaxies NGC 6845C and NGC 6845D. The four galaxies occupy an area of about 4' x 2' in the sky. The largest galaxy in this compact galaxy cluster is NGC 6845A, a barred spiral galaxy.[1] SN 2008DA was a Type II supernova observed in NGC 6845A in June 2008.[2] The dwarf galaxy ATCA J2001-4659, which is found around 4.4' northeast of NGC 6845B, was identified as a companion of NGC 6845.[1]

NGC 6845 was discovered on July 7, 1834 by John Herschel.


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