NGC 6871

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NGC 6871
NGC 6871.png
NGC 6871, taken from Stellarium
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 20h 05m 59s[1]
Declination+35° 46.6′[1]
Distance5133 ly (1574 pc[2])
Apparent magnitude (V)5.2[3]
Physical characteristics
Estimated age9.1 million years
Notable featuresPresence of eclipsing binary stars [4]
Other designationsGC 4548, h 2067, Struve 2630[3]
See also: Open cluster, List of open clusters

NGC 6871 is a small, young open cluster in the constellation of Cygnus. The cluster has less than 50 members, most of which are blue and white stars. It is located 5135 light-years from Earth.

Map showing location of NGC 6871


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