NGC 6885

Coordinates: Sky map 20h 12m 00s, +26° 29′ 00″
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NGC 6885
The bright stars at the centre of the image are NGC 6882. NGC 6885 consists of the faint stars at lower left, around 20 Vul.
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension20h 12m 00s
Declination+26° 29′ 00″
Distance1950 ly (600 pc)
Apparent magnitude (V)+5.7/+8.1
Apparent dimensions (V)7/18
Physical characteristics
Other designationsCaldwell 37
See also: Open cluster, List of open clusters

NGC 6885, also Caldwell 37, is an open cluster in the constellation Vulpecula. It shines at magnitude +5.7/+8.1. Its celestial coordinates are RA 20h 12.0m , dec +26° 29′. It surrounds the naked eye Be star 20 Vulpeculae, and is located near M27 (Dumbbell nebula), the nebula IC 4954, and open clusters NGC 6882 and NGC 6940. It is 7'/18' across.



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