NGC 7008

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NGC 7008
Emission nebula
Planetary nebula
NGC 7008, the Fetus Nebula
Observation data: J2000 epoch
Right ascension21h 00m 32.503s[1]
Declination+54° 32′ 36.18″[1]
Distance≥2,800 ly[2] ly
Apparent magnitude (V)12.0 [3]
Apparent dimensions (V)1.4'x1.1'
Physical characteristics
Radius≈ 0.5 ly[2] ly
Absolute magnitude (V)12.0
DesignationsNGC 7008,[1]
Fetus Nebula[1]
PK 93+5.2[1]
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NGC 7008 (PK 93+5.2), also known as the Fetus Nebula is a planetary nebula with a diameter of approximately 1 light-year[2] located at a distance of 2800 light years[2] in northern Cygnus. It was discovered by William Herschel in 1787, in Slough, England. NGC 7008 (H I-192) is included in the Astronomical League's Herschel 400 observing program.


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Coordinates: Sky map 07h 29m 10.7669s, +20° 54′ 42.488″