NGC 7052

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NGC 7052
An image of NGC 7052
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension21h 18m 33s[1]
Declination+26° 26′ 49″[1]
Redshift4672 ± 8 km/s[1]
Apparent magnitude (V)13.4[1]
Apparent size (V)2′.5 × 1′.4[1]
Other designations
UGC 11718,[1] PGC 66537[1]

NGC 7052 is an elliptical galaxy in the constellation Vulpecula. The galaxy harbours a supermassive black hole with mass c. 220-630 million solar masses in its nucleus.[2]

A Hubble Space Telescope (HST) image of the center of NGC 7052. Credit: HST/NASA/ESA.


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