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NGL Prime SpA is a technology company created for the purpose of all activities related to future European launchers which are not related to Ariane 5 or Vega or their evolutions. It is a joint venture of Airbus Defence and Space (70%) and Leonardo (30%). The corresponding shareholder agreement was signed on 31 January 2006. The registered seat of the company is Turin (Italy). The legal corporate form of the Company is the one of an Italian Società per Azioni (SpA), with indefinite duration.

The company registration has taken place on the 10 March 2006. It is expected that NGL Prime SpA will take the lead for ESA's FLPP program and its associated IXV demonstrator. NGL Prime SpA team includes specialists from France, Germany and Italy. A great share of the work will also be subcontracted to specialised industries in many European countries.

The CEO of NGL Prime is Axel Roenneke.