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NGO-in-a-box is a collection of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) tools selected for use by non-profit organizations. The tools are distributed in downloadable form and as a physical box set of CD's. Several customized editions of NGO-in-a-box aim to provide organizations with the software they need in relation to different topics and requirements.

NGO-in-a-box provides technical service providers and support staff within non-profits with bespoke box-sets of tools and materials aggregated around specific themes. Tactical Technology Collective[1] works to form networks of established experts who can act as topical and regional editorial teams. These teams work together to actively recommend and select tools and materials around a given topic. Mahiti Infotech[2] is the South Asia hub for the distribution of NGO-in-a-box.

Why NGO-in-a-box?[edit]

NGO-in-a-box aims to tackle two primary issues; appropriate software selection and access to such software and related documentation.

There is currently an enormous amount of Free and Open Source Software available. The landscape is so diverse that overview and orientation have become central needs, especially for those who have little time for searching and testing new software. Many technologists working with non-profits will not start deploying FOSS due to the overwhelming task of reviewing and choosing tools by themselves. Activities of the non-profit sector are extremely diverse, they range from providing services to engaging in advocacy and from hosting resources to providing education. And yet the needs are often common across specific sets of groups.

The project seeks to increase awareness of FOSS among NGOs and build capacity of key/influential individuals, thus build a FOSS user community. The project also seeks to establish a network of NGOs that use FOSS at various levels to exchange skills, experiences and support each other.

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