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NGO Post is a non-profit organisation based in India and the US that allows citizen journalism in the social work field by providing an online forum for people to share and discuss various social-welfare ideas. Everyday, worldwide, non-profit organisations work hard on solving problems in their area without knowledge of how other groups are addressing similar issues elsewhere. This lack of information results in re-inventing the wheel, wasting time, manpower and monetary resources globally. NGO Post is working on bridging this information gap amongst the social workers by acting as a platform for easy and democratic sharing of information, and providing features to promote discussions and collaborations.

Launched on 25 August 2007 by a group of students working or studying in India and the US, NGO Post has grown to have more than 15000 registered members with readership in over 194 countries worldwide. It is a rendering service for the NGO sector.


NGO Post is more than a traditional news website or mailing list. More than about news, it is about ideas that facilitate action. The contributing members (or citizen journalists) submit stories related to non-profit ventures in or around their lives. In the last one year, NGO Post has become a good place to read about what people are doing to make a difference in the world around them, to get inspired, to discuss ideas and even connect with people who feel about and want to contribute to certain causes. NGO Post is bridging the gap between social work and technology: allowing anyone to contribute their input in developmental work using the Internet.

Members range from NGOs, social-workers, social entrepreneurs and those simply interested in learning about existing problems and solution in the sector

By encouraging local involvement at all levels, NGO Post hopes to promote a feeling of community involvement among members, and plant seeds of a grassroots movement of social activism and self-empowerment.

Implementation and Fundraising[edit]

NGO Post's fiscal model is closer to a sustainable social venture rather than a charity running on donations and the organisational plan is to recover costs from revenues once initial critical growth has been achieved.

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