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NHK Hall
NHK-Hall 2016.jpg
Location Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates 35°39′58.85″N 139°41′50.56″E / 35.6663472°N 139.6973778°E / 35.6663472; 139.6973778Coordinates: 35°39′58.85″N 139°41′50.56″E / 35.6663472°N 139.6973778°E / 35.6663472; 139.6973778
Owner NHK Service Center
Type concert hall
Seating type Reserved
Capacity 3,800
Built 1972
Opened 20 June 1973

The NHK Hall is a concert hall located at the NHK Broadcasting Center, the main headquarters of Japan's public broadcaster NHK.[1] The hall is the main venue for the NHK Symphony Orchestra, but it has also played host to other events, such as the 1979 Japan Music Awards, and NHK's annual New Year's Eve special Kōhaku Uta Gassen.


The original NHK Hall opened in 1955 at a location in Tokyo's Uchisaiwai-cho district. Several live programs were broadcast from the hall, such as Song Plaza and Personal Secrets.[2] In 1973, a new NHK Hall was established in Shibuya, Tokyo at the site of NHK's new headquarters, the NHK Broadcasting Center.

The acoustics for the hall were designed by Minoru Nagata, later of Nagata Acoustics,[3] while TOA Corporation provided the hall's sound equipment.[4]

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Preceded by
Tokyo Takarazuka Theater
Host of the
Kōhaku Uta Gassen

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