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NHK Newsline
Logo of NHK Newsline.png
Presented by Various anchors
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) English
Production location(s) NHK Broadcasting Center, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Running time
  • 30 minutes (weekdays)
  • 10 minutes (weekends and holidays)
  • 15–120 minutes (during live coverages or Japan elections)
Original network NHK World TV
Picture format
Original release 2 April 2000 – present
Preceded by
  • NHK Newswatch
  • News Today 30 Minutes
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NHK Newsline is a foreign news program aired on Japanese international English language news and information TV channel NHK World TV. This program broadcasts on the hour, 24 hours a day for 10 or 30 minutes.


NHK Newsline started as Day Line Japan in April 1997, with a length of 10 minutes, and airing several times a day. In 2000, the program's name was changed to Newsline. The English spoken portions of the program would gradually expand with time.

On January 30, 2009, News Watch 9 - an English-dubbed news program - was removed from the NHK World line-up. On February 2, 2009, Newsline was re-formatted in order to fill the gap left by News Watch 9, by changing to a news and information program. Newsline's time slot also changed and now broadcasts at the top of every hour, 24 times a day. The length of the program is typically 30 minutes during the week with 10 minutes during weekends and on Japanese holidays. The program has been referred to as NHK Newsline since Late March 2016.[1]


NHK Newsline updates viewers on the latest hard news every hour, with a focus mainly on Japan, the rest of Asia, and then finally around the world. Some editions feature segments focusing on Southeast Asia hosted by an anchor based in Bangkok. Feature segments follow, with business news and a global weather forecast. NHK Newsline is anchored by established NHK news presenters. The anchors speak entirely in English. English dubbing or occasional English subtitling if needed (previously just English subtitles until after 2011) are used in video footage when the spoken language is other than English. All measurements, including temperatures, are given in metric. Monetary figures are measured in Japanese yen, and figures in United States dollars are often also included.

Anchors and reporters[edit]


Weekdays (30–minute program)
2300 UTC - 0200 UTC Miki Yamamoto
0300 UTC - 0900 UTC Minori Takao
1000 UTC - 1700 UTC James Tengan
1800 UTC - 2200 UTC Ross Mihara / Raja Pradhan (every other week)
Weekends (10-minute program)
2300 UTC - 0200 UTC Keiko Kitagawa
0300 UTC - 1000 UTC Kanako Sachno
1100 UTC - 2200 UTC Keikichi Hanada (Saturday) / Hiro Morita (Sunday) / Yoko Nishimura (one Sunday per month) / Raja Pradhan (one Sunday per month) Yoshi Osagawa (one Saturday or Sunday per month)
National holidays, New Year's Day or end of year (10-minute program)
2300 UTC - 0200 UTC Miki Yamamoto / Keiko Kitagawa
0300 UTC - 1000 UTC Kanako Sachno / James Tengan
1100 UTC - 2200 UTC Raja Pradhan / Ross Mihara / Keikchi Handa


  • Masayo Nakajima - Senior political commentator with an additional role as deputy editor-in-chief at NHK Tokyo headquarters
  • Akihiro Mikoda - Senior political / economics commentator
  • Takashi Ichinose - Special Affair commentator / International Bureau in NHK H,Q, Tokyo
  • Miki Ebara - editor-in-chief, Washington Bureau
  • Mayuko Ambe - Politics reporter
  • Tomoko Kamata - Politics reporter
  • Kimberly Gale - Politics reporter (freelance work for CBC News / NHK World)


  • Akiko Okamoto - reporter
  • Gene Otani - anchor from 1pm to 7pm
  • John LaDue - reporter / TSE Live Broadcasts from the Tokyo Stock exchange at 9am and noon.
  • Marie Yanaka - Reporter / TSE Broadcasts At 6pm to Midnight
  • Phoebe Amoroso - reporter / TSE Broadcasts
  • Ramin Mellegard - anchor From 9am to Noon / Reporter / Also can do TSE Broadcasts These Days


  • Sayaka Mori - meteorologist (also presented in Newsroom Tokyo) every other week
  • Jonathan Oh - meteorologist (Fills in at the morning and afternoon hours, And also presented in Newsroom Tokyo) every other week
  • Carley Gomez - meteorologist (Only Broadcasts from 8am to 5pm)

Other anchors[edit]

  • Hiro Morita (on Sundays, from 1100 UTC - 2200 UTC), also reports during Sumo
  • Raja Pradhan (one Sunday per month, 1100 UTC - 2200 UTC) Every Other Week, 1800 UTC - 2200 UTC, fills in for others on Weekdays And Weekends
  • Yoko Nishimura (one Sunday per month, 1100 UTC - 2200 UTC)
  • Hideshi Hara (occasionally in August–September as main anchor during the temporary absence of regular main anchors and/or special coverage. Mainly appears from 0300 UTC - 2200 UTC)
  • Yoshi Osagawa (one Saturday or Sunday per month 1100 UTC - 2200 UTC)
  • Kyoko Tashiro ( Fills In For the Morning Or Afternoon Hours on Weekdays ), also reports on NHK Domestic Broadcast

Former On-air Staff[edit]

  • Ai Uchida - Anchor (departed in 2018)
  • Catherine Kobayashi - Anchor (departed in 2017)
  • Robert Speta - Meteorologist (departed in 2017; now at WHEC-TV Rochester, New York)
  • Mai Shoji - Meteorologist (departed in 2015)
  • Ron Madison - Business Anchor (departed in 2015)
  • Yuko Aotani - Anchor (departed in 2015; now at KCET Los Angeles)
  • Sherry Ann Jisu - Anchor (departed in 2015; now at Bloomberg Television)
  • Miwa Gardner - Meteorologist (departed in 2012)


NHK Newsline is rated as one of the top English–language news programs in the Asia Pacific region. NHK Newsline competes in the Asian news market with China's CCTV-9 News on Chinese International TV, CCTV-9; South Korea's Arirang News on South Korean international T.V., Arirang TV; Singapore's Primetime News on Singaporean English TV, Channel NewsAsia; the Philippines' The World Tonight on Filipino news broadcaster ABS-CBN News Channel; and Australia Network News on the Australia Network. NHK Newsline airs on the PBS World Channel at 2:00pm PST on weekdays.

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