NHLPA Hockey '93

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NHLPA Hockey '93
NHLPA Hockey '93 Coverart.png
Cover art (Sega Genesis)
Developer(s) Park Place Productions
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts Sports Network
Series NHL series
Platform(s) Genesis/Mega Drive, SNES
Release date(s) Mega Drive / Genesis
  • NA September 1992

Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single-player

NHLPA Hockey '93 is a Mega Drive/Genesis and SNES ice hockey game developed by Park Place Productions and published by Electronic Arts Sports Network. It is the second installment of the NHL series and the first to be released on SNES.


Included is a single-game exhibition mode and a playoff mode (single-elimination or best-of-7), wherein the winner collects a trophy similar to the Stanley Cup.

Unlike NHL Hockey, NHLPA Hockey has a license from the NHLPA, but not the NHL. The game includes mostly complete rosters and all 24 teams from the 1991-92 NHL season, including the expansion Tampa Bay Lightning and Ottawa Senators.[1] Because the game lacks an NHL license, no team names are present in the game, and teams are identified by their team colours and location (for example, blue and orange is Long Island for the New York Islanders).

The Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version also included EEPROM battery saving,[1] which allowed one to save lines and the ongoing Playoff, rather than use passwords as in the Super Nintendo version.


Review scores
Publication Score
Mega 92%[2]
MegaTech 89%[3]

Computer Gaming World approved of the game's use of real NHL hockey player names and teams, and concluded that it was "just about as realistic and detailed as one could hope a cartridge game to be ... two red and blistered thumbs up".[1]

In 2001, Game Informer ranked it the 20th best video game ever made. The staff praised the game's depth and strategy.[4]


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