NHL Breakaway 98

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NHL Breakaway 98
Nintendo 64 box art featuring Keith Tkachuk (European version)
Developer(s) Sculptured Software
Publisher(s) Acclaim Sports
Series NHL Breakaway series Edit this on Wikidata
Platform(s) Nintendo 64, PlayStation
Release PlayStation
  • NA: September 9, 1997
  • EU: 1997
Nintendo 64
  • NA: February 26, 1998
  • EU: February 26, 1998
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

NHL Breakaway 98 is a 1998 ice hockey game for the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation. The game also has Rumble Pak support for the Nintendo 64. It was followed by a sequel, NHL Breakaway 99, released the following year.

Features and gameplay[edit]

NHL Breakaway 98 offers one of the most original features ever to appear in a hockey game: the Momentum-Based Checking System. Players can actually out-skate and out-muscle each other, depending on a player's size and speed. For example, some players may be smaller but are fast, while others may be slow but possess the strength and size to do all the dirty work. For instance, if a large, fast player such as Eric Lindros gets moving at high speed, the power behind his check is greater than what someone like Pierre Turgeon could produce. The game sports most of the usual play modes, and two players can compete in the Versus mode. If a player is edited, the name and number appear on the player's back. This game does not feature play-by-play announcers, but there is a public address announcer in the game that only speaks when penalties are called and when a player scores a goal the name and number are said.


IGN gave the N64 version a decent 7.4 out of 10 overall despite little criticism about the graphics saying it was "a bit bland and could use a dash of color."[1]


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