NHS Sustainable Development Unit

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NHS Sustainable Development Unit
Agency overview
Formed 2008
Jurisdiction England
Headquarters Cambridge, England
Minister responsible
Agency executives
Website www.sdu.nhs.uk

NHS Sustainable Development Unit' is a British Government Agency with a mission to promote sustainable development for the National Health Service. The NHS was the first major organisation to measure its Scope 3 Supply Chain Carbon Emissions in 2008 and recognise that it was impossible to achieve its carbon reduction targets with out a significant reduction in supply chain emissions. This resulted in the creation of the Procure for Carbon Reduction (P4CR) program, and more recently a carbon hot spot project to build up the Scope 3 supply chain carbon emissions from the 4 million individual products purchased by the NHS.

NHS SDU staff are based in Cambridge.


NHS SDU was set up in 2008 by the CEO of the NHS Sir David Nicholson.


NHS SDU has partnerships with the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals[1] Initiative.

Governance and funding[edit]

It was formed by the NHS in England under the auspices of the Office of the Strategic Health Authorities (OSHA). It is now hosted by NHS Midlands and East and its Chief Executive, Sir Neil McKay.


Projects include:

  • Fit for the Future. The project explored the impacts of climate change on the UK National Health Service, made recommendations on creating a sustainable low-carbon healthcare system and presented scenarios for the future of healthcare which health professionals can use to test strategy. It was jointly produced with Forum for the future.[2]


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