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This is a chronological list of selected television programmes and feature films produced or co-produced by the BBC Natural History Unit since its inception in 1957. It is not intended to be exhaustive given the large amount of material the Unit has produced in its history, but it does capture all the major TV series and films for which it has gained recognition. A brief synopsis of pre-1957 radio and television programmes on a natural history theme made by the BBC is given in the History section of the main BBC Natural History Unit article.

Television productions[edit]

Series Title Year(s) Broadcast Subject Contributors DVD Release[a] Video Download[b]
Faraway Look 1957 Wildlife of Australasia Peter and Philippa Scott (presenter) No No
Eastwards with Attenborough 1973 Expedition to South East Asia David Attenborough (presenter) No No
Life on Earth 1979 The evolution of life David Attenborough (presenter) Yes No
The Living Planet 1984 How organisms adapt to their environment David Attenborough (presenter) Yes No
The Living Isles 1985 British wildlife Julian Pettifer (presenter) and Peter Crawford (presenter) No No
Supersense 1988 Sensory perception in animals Andrew Sachs (narrator) Yes No
The Trials of Life 1990 Animal behaviour David Attenborough (presenter) Yes Yes
Land of the Eagle 1991 The colonisation of North America Alan Ereira (narrator) and Peter Crawford (producer) No No
Lifesense 1991 Ground-breaking perception and precision in animals Andrew Sachs (narrator) Yes No
Realms of the Russian Bear 1992 Natural history of the former USSR states Nikolai Drozdov (presenter) No No
Sea Trek 1992 Exploration of dive sites Martha Holmes (presenter) and Mike deGruy (presenter) No No
Life in the Freezer 1993 Natural history of Antarctica David Attenborough (presenter) and Alastair Fothergill (producer) Yes Yes
The Private Life of Plants 1995 A study of the plants David Attenborough (presenter) Yes Yes
Alien Empire 1996 A series looking at the world of the insects John Shrapnel (narrator) No No
Land of the Tiger 1997 Natural history of the Indian subcontinent Valmik Thapar (presenter) No Yes
Incredible Journeys 1998 Animal migration Geoffrey Palmer (narrator) and Nigel Marven (producer) No No
The Life of Birds 1998 A natural history of birds David Attenborough (presenter) Yes Yes
Living Britain 1999 British natural history Peter Crawford (producer) Yes No
Walking with Dinosaurs 1999 A natural history of dinosaurs Kenneth Branagh (narrator) Yes Yes
Andes to Amazon 2000 A portrait of South American landscapes and wildlife. Also known as Wild South America for the release. Fergal Keane (narrator) Yes No
Cousins 2000 Primates Charlotte Uhlenbroek (presenter) No No
State of the Planet 2000 The impact of humans on the natural world David Attenborough (presenter) Yes No
The Blue Planet 2001 A natural history of the oceans. Also known as The Blue Planet: Seas of Life for North America release. David Attenborough (narrator) and Alastair Fothergill (producer) Yes Yes
Ultimate Killers 2001 Hunting techniques of predators. Steve Leonard (presenter) No No
Wild Africa 2001 A portrait of Africa's landscapes and wildlife. Fergal Keane (narrator) Yes No
Congo 2001 A portrait of the great central African river's forests and wildlife. John Lynch (narrator) and Brian Leith (producer) No No
Talking with Animals 2001 Animal communication. Charlotte Uhlenbroek (narrator) No No
The Ballad of Big Al 2001 The life story of an Allosaurus nicknamed "Big Al". Kenneth Branagh (narrator) Yes Yes
Walking with Beasts 2001 A portrait of life after the dinosaurs. Kenneth Branagh (narrator) Yes Yes
Wild New World 2002 Prehistory and wildlife of America from the arrival of humans to the end of the Ice Age. Also known as Prehistoric America for North America release. Jack Fortune (narrator) No Yes[1]
The Life of Mammals 2002 A natural history of mammals. David Attenborough (presenter) Yes[2][3] No
Wild In Your Garden 2003 Garden wildlife. Bill Oddie (presenter), Kate Humble (presenter) and Simon King (presenter) No No
Wild Down Under 2003 A portrait of Australasia's landscapes and wildlife. Also known as Wild Australasia for international release. Matt Day (narrator) Yes[4] Yes[5]
Jungle 2003 Wildlife of the world's rainforests. Charlotte Uhlenbroek (presenter) No No
Dragons Alive 2004 The natural history of the reptiles. Lloyd Owen (narrator) No No
Britain Goes Wild 2004 The coming of spring in Britain. Bill Oddie (presenter), Kate Humble (presenter) and Simon King (presenter) No No
British Isles - A Natural History 2004 The natural history of the British Isles. Alan Titchmarsh (presenter) Yes[6] No
Nile 2004 The history and natural history of the Nile. Simon MacCorkindale (presenter) No No
Europe: A Natural History 2005 How European landscapes and wildlife have changed through time. Sean Pertwee (narrator) No No
Journey of Life 2005 Steve Leonard explores evolution on land, sea and air - on a voyage of discovery and surprises. Steve Leonard (presenter) Yes[7] No
Walking with Monsters 2005 A portrait of life before the dinosaurs. Kenneth Branagh (narrator) Yes[8] No
Life in the Undergrowth 2005 A study of terrestrial invertebrates. David Attenborough (presenter) Yes[9][10] Yes[11][12][13]
Planet Earth 2006 A portrait of Earth's wildernesses and wildlife spectacles. David Attenborough (narrator) and Alastair Fothergill (producer) Yes[14][15][16][17] Yes[18][19][20]
Planet Earth: The Future 2006 Series highlight the conservation issues surrounding some of the featured species and environments. Simon Poland (narrator) and Fergus Beeley (producer) Yes[16][17][c] No
Galápagos 2006 A natural history of the Pacific islands. Tilda Swinton (narrator) Yes[21][22] Yes[23]
Wild Caribbean 2007 A natural history of the Caribbean islands and Sea. Steve Toussaint (narrator) Yes[24] Yes[25]
Saving Planet Earth 2007 A season of programmes dedicated to wildlife. conservation David Attenborough (presenter), Alan Titchmarsh (presenter) and others No No
Ganges 2007 A journey along the sacred river from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal. Sudha Bhuchar (narrator) Yes[26][27] Yes[28]
The Nature of Britain 2007 A survey of British wildlife and habitats. Alan Titchmarsh (presenter) Yes[29] No
Life in Cold Blood 2008 A series dedicated to reptiles and amphibians. David Attenborough (presenter) Yes[30][31] Yes[32][33]
Wild China 2008 The BBC's first natural history series dedicated to China. Bernard Hill (narrator) Yes[34][35] Yes[36][37][38]
Nature's Great Events 2009 The world's principal seasonal changes and their impact on wildlife. Also known as Nature's Most Amazing Events for North America release. David Attenborough (narrator) Yes[39][40] Yes[41][42][43]
Yellowstone 2009 A year in the life of the animals of Yellowstone National Park. Peter Firth (narrator) Yes[44][45] Yes[46][47]
South Pacific 2009 Natural history of the islands of the South Pacific. Also known as Wild Pacific for North America release. Benedict Cumberbatch (narrator) Yes[48][49] Yes[50][51][52]
Life 2009 Blue-chip series looking at extraordinary animal behaviour from all parts of the natural world. David Attenborough (narrator) Yes[53][54] Yes[55][56][57]
The Great Rift: Africa's Wild Heart 2010 A series looking at flora, fauna, and people of the Great Rift Valley. Hugh Quarshie (narrator) Yes[58][59] Yes[60][61][62]
Mountain Gorilla 2010 Intimate footage of Africa's few remaining mountain gorillas. Patrick Stewart (narrator) Yes[63][64] Yes[65]
Human Planet 2011 Mankind's incredible relationship with nature in the world today. John Hurt (narrator) Yes[66][67] Yes[68][69][70]
Madagascar 2011 A natural history of Madagascar. David Attenborough (presenter) Yes[71][72] Yes[73][74][75]
The Animal's Guide to Britain 2011 Chris Packham examines Britain from an animal's point of view as he tries to understand their needs. Chris Packham (presenter) No No
Ocean Giants 2011 A natural history of whales and dolphins. Stephen Fry (narrator) No Yes[76][77][78]
Frozen Planet 2011 A seven-part survey of the polar regions. David Attenborough (narrator/presenter) and Alastair Fothergill (producer) Yes[79][80] Yes[81][82][83]
Planet Dinosaur 2011 A six-part series brings to life pre-historic monsters of the biggest, deadliest and weirdest creatures ever to walk the Earth, using the latest fossil evidence and immersive computer graphics. John Hurt (narrator) Yes[84][85][86] Yes[87][88][89]
Great Barrier Reef 2012 Exploring Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the largest living structure on our planet. Monty Halls (presenter) Yes[90][91] Yes[92][93][94]
Planet Earth Live 2012 Series featuring live wildlife footage from across the globe. Julia Bradbury and Richard Hammond (presenter) No Yes[95]
Secrets of Our Living Planet 2012 Biodiversity, ecosystems and the complex relationships between plants and animals. Also known as How Nature Works for international release. Chris Packham (presenter) Yes[96] Yes[97][98][99]
The Dark: Nature's Nighttime World 2012 An expedition team films nocturnal creatures in Central and South America. Andy Serkis (narrator), Gordon Buchanan (presenter), George McGavin (presenter) and Justine Evans (presenter) Yes[100] Yes[101][102][103]
Africa 2013 A six-part series that explores wildlife in Africa. David Attenborough (narrator/presenter) Yes[104][105] Yes[106][107][108]
Wild Arabia 2013 A three-part series that explores the Arabian wildlife, landscape and people. Alexander Siddig (narrator) Yes[109] Yes[110][111][112]
Ice Age Giants 2013 A three-part series as it travels back to 20 000 years which follows the trail with the great beasts of the Ice Age in North America and Europe. Alice Roberts (presenter) No No
Wild Burma: Nature's Lost Kingdom 2013 Scientists and film-makers travel to Burma to survey endangered wildlife, the first such expedition in 50 years. Paterson Joseph (narrator), Gordon Buchanan (presenter), Ross Piper (presenter) and Justine Evans (presenter) No No
Wild Brazil 2014 Series documenting the lives of Brazil's most charismatic animals: jaguars, giant otters, coatis and tufted capuchins. Also known as Brazil Gone Wild for North America release. Stephen Mangan (narrator) No Yes[113][114][115]
24 Hours on Earth 2014 A day in the life of our planet. Matthew Macfadyen (narrator) No Yes[116][117][118]
Hidden Kingdoms 2014 Dramatized documentary series showing how diminutive animals experience the world from their perspective. Also known as Mini Monsters for Discovery Channel release. Stephen Fry (narrator) Yes[119] Yes[120][121][122]
Monkey Planet 2014 A global survey of the primate order. George McGavin (presenter) Yes[123][124] Yes[125][126][127]
The Wonder of Animals 2014 Series takes a in-depth look at nature's winners to reveal the secret of animals success. Chris Packham (presenter) No No
Super Senses: The Secret Power of Animals 2014 A three-part series exploring the extraordinary world of animal senses. Helen Czerski and Patrick Aryee (presenters) No No
Wonders of the Monsoon 2014 A five-part landmark series exploring the effect of the monsoon on the wildlife of the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia. Also known as Lands of the Monsoon for international release. Colin Salmon (narrator) Yes[128][129] Yes[130][131][132]
Life Story 2014 A six-part series following specific animals from birth to parenthood. David Attenborough (narrator/presenter) Yes[133][134] Yes[135][136][137]
Alaska: Earth's Frozen Kingdom 2015 A three-part series that looks at a year in Alaska, revealing the stories of pioneering Alaskans, both animal and human, as they battle the elements and reap the benefits of nature's seasonal gold rush. Also known as Wild Alaska for international release. Dougray Scott (narrator) No Yes[138][139][140]
Shark 2015 A three-part series on over thirty species of shark which shows how they hunt, their intricate social lives, courtship, growing up and the threats they face. Paul McGann (narrator) Yes[141][142] Yes[143][144][145]
Japan: Earth's Enchanted Islands 2015 A three-part series about the natural world and wildlife of Japan's islands: Honshu, Hokkaido and the southernmost Islands. Also known as Wild Japan for international release. Michelle Dockery (narrator) No Yes[146][147][148]
Nature's Greatest Dancers 2015 A two-part series exploring the flamboyant, eye-catching and sometimes bizarre world of slick animal movers. Steve Backshall (narrator) No Yes[149]
Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth 2015 A three-part series exploring the Atlantic Ocean that stretches nearly 10,000 miles, from Arctic to Antarctic and from sun-drenched tropical reefs to crushing abyssal depths. Cillian Murphy (narrator) Yes[150][151] Yes[152][153][154]
India: Nature's Wonderland 2015 Two-part series which travels to land of stunning wildlife, ancient cultures and extreme landscapes of India. Also known as Hidden India for international release. Liz Bonnin (presenter), Freida Pinto (presenter), Jon Gupta (presenter) No Yes[155]
World's Weirdest Events 2015 - 2016 Chris Packham travels fascinating journey to discover the answers to some of the strangest questions on the planet. Also known as Weird Wonders for BBC America and Weird Wonders of the World for international release. Chris Packham (presenter) No Yes[156]
Patagonia: Earth's Secret Paradise 2015 A three-part series exploring the landscapes and wildlife of Patagonia. Also known as Wild Patagonia for international release. Santiago Cabrera (narrator) No Yes[157][158]
Earth's Wildest Waters: The Big Fish 2015 Series follows the eight British fishermen by using their skills to the limit in six epic fishing locations across the world. Also known as The Big Catch for international release. Ben Fogle (presenter) No Yes[159][160][161]
The Hunt 2015 A six-part major landmark series that looks in detail at the fascinating relationship between predators and their prey. Rather than concentrating on 'the blood and guts' of predation, the series looks in unprecedented detail at the strategies predators use to catch their food and prey use to escape death. David Attenborough (narrator) and Alastair Fothergill (Executive producer) Yes[162][163] Yes[164][165][166]
World's Sneakiest Animals 2015 Chris Packham explore how amazing new science is showing that cheating happens in almost all species alive, and revealing how simple tricks have evolved into complex and amazing deceptions. Also known as Natural Born Hustlers for international release. Chris Packham (presenter) No Yes[167]
Earth's Greatest Spectacles 2016 Set in three of the most seasonally changeable landscapes on earth, revealing the stunning processes that occur each year and showing how wildlife adapts to cope. Also known as Seasonal Wonderlands for some country release. Domhnall Gleeson (narrator) No Yes[168]
Tribes, Predators & Me 2016 Gordon Buchanan follows the world’s most remote tribes to observe how they live alongside with nature’s most deadly predators. Also known as Tribes, Animals & Me for international release. Gordon Buchanan (presenter) No Yes[169][170]
Life in the Air 2016 Documentary series exploring the remarkable animals from around the world that take to the air. Also known as SuperNature - Wild Flyers for PBS release. Suranne Jones (narrator) No Yes[171][172][173]
Nature's Epic Journeys 2016 Series follows three iconic animals on three of the world’s most breathtaking wildlife adventures. Each must overcome immense obstacles, from challenging terrain to hungry predators and sheer physical exhaustion. Also known as Nature's Great Migrations for international release. Liz Bonnin (presenter) No Yes[174][175][176]
New Zealand: Earth's Mythical Islands 2016 A three part series which explores the island chain’s rich and intriguing wildlife that has resulted from 80 million years of isolation. Also known as Wild New Zealand for international release. Sam Neill (narrator) No Yes[177][178][179]
Earth's Seasonal Secrets 2016 - 2017 Series follows each of the four seasons transforms to the world. Also known as Earth's Great Seasons for international release. Andrew Scott (narrator) No Yes[180]
Animal Babies 2016 Three-part series follows young animals as they take their first steps and face their earliest challenges. Gordon Buchanan (narrator) No Yes[181]
Planet Earth II 2016 Series reveals our planet from a completely new perspective by travelling through jungles, deserts, mountains, islands, grasslands and cities which explores with the unique characteristics of Earth’s most iconic habitats and the extraordinary ways animals survive within them. David Attenborough (narrator/presenter) Yes[182][183] Yes[184][185][186]
Thailand: Earth's Tropical Paradise 2017 Three-part series which exploring the tropical paradise of Thailand. Also known as Wild Thailand for international release. Sophie Okonedo (narrator) No Yes[187][188][189]
Yellowstone: Wildest Winter to Blazing Summer 2017 Kate Humble and Patrick Aryee experience wildlife dramas as they unfold at Yellowstone, it's home to North America's most iconic wildlife and every year these animals must survive one of the harshest seasonal changes - The Thaw. Kate Humble (presenter) and Patrick Aryee (presenter) Yes[190] Yes[191][192][193]
Spy in the Wild 2017 Series of animatronic “spy creatures" to go undercover in the animal world to explore their complex behaviour. David Tennant (narrator) Yes[194][195] Yes[196][197]
Galapagos 2017 Liz Bonnin joins a scientific team on an expedition across the Galapagos Islands to carry out important research that will help protect the islands and their inhabitants. Liz Bonnin (presenter) No Yes[198]

Long-running television productions[edit]

Series Title Year(s) Broadcast Subject Contributors DVD Release[a] Video Download[b]
Look 1955–1969 Weekly magazine show Peter Scott (introduced by), Desmond Hawkins (producer), Tony Soper (producer) and Jeffery Boswall (producer) No No
On Safari 1957–1965 Filming animals in East Africa Armand and Michaela Denis (presenter) No No
Undersea World of Adventure 1958–1960 Sea life Hans and Lotte Hass (presenter) and Tony Soper (producer) No No
Animal Magic 1962–1983 Weekly magazine show for children Johnny Morris (presenter) No No
Private Lives 1967–1970 Series on individual species including kingfisher, cuckoo and fox Jeffery Boswall (producer) No No
The World About Us 1967–1983 Weekly blue-chip documentary strand featuring NHU content Various No No
Wildlife on One 1977–2005 Weekly series profiling different animals David Attenborough (narrator) No No
Natural World 1983–present Weekly blue-chip documentary strand Various Yes[199][200][201]
The Really Wild Show 1986–2006 Weekly magazine show for children Terry Nutkins (presenter), Chris Packham (presenter), Michaela Strachan (presenter) and others No No
The Wildlife Specials 1995–2007 One-off profiles of individual species David Attenborough (narrator) Yes Yes
Big Cat Diary
Big Cat Week
Big Cat Live
1996–2008 Family lives of the Masai Mara's lions, leopards and cheetahs Jonathan Scott (presenter), Simon King (presenter) and Saba Douglas-Hamilton (presenter) and others Yes Yes
Birding with Bill Oddie 1997–2000 Birdwatching in the UK and abroad Bill Oddie (presenter) No No
Bill Oddie Goes Wild 2001–2003 Watching British wildlife Bill Oddie (presenter) No No
Wild Battlefields 2002–2003 How lions, polar bears, tiger sharks and wolves hunt their prey Sanjeev Bhaskar (narrator) No Yes[210]
Amazon Abyss
Pacific Abyss
2002–2008 Expeditions exploring the deep oceans, the Amazon and the seas of Micronesia Kate Humble (presenter) and Mike deGruy (presenter) No No
Bill Oddie's How to Watch Wildlife 2005–2006 Watching British wildlife Bill Oddie (presenter) Yes No
Coast 2005–2013 Journeying around Britain's coastline (additional material by the NHU) Nicholas Crane (presenter) and Neil Oliver (presenter) Yes Yes
2005–present Observing British wildlife in spring, autumn and winter Bill Oddie (presenter), Kate Humble (presenter), Simon King (presenter), Chris Packham (presenter), Martin Hughes-Games (presenter), Michaela Strachan (presenter) and others No Yes[d]
Lost Land of the Jaguar
Lost Land of the Volcano
Lost Land of the Tiger
2008–2010 An expedition team explores various things Steve Backshall (presenter), Gordon Buchanan (presenter), Justine Evans (presenter) and George McGavin (presenter) Yes No
Deadly 60 2009–present Children's series tracking the world's deadliest animals Steve Backshall (presenter) Yes Yes
Nature's Weirdest Events 2012–present Investigations into strange happenings in the natural world Chris Packham (presenter) Yes[211][e] Yes[212][213][214]
Nature's Microworlds 2012–2013 Nature series which looks at some of the world's most iconic ecosystems Steve Backshall (presenter) No No

Feature film productions[edit]

Title Release Year Subject Contributors DVD Release
Deep Blue 2003 Feature-length version of The Blue Planet TV series Michael Gambon (narrator), Alastair Fothergill (director) Yes
Earth 2007 Feature-length version of the Planet Earth TV series Patrick Stewart (narrator), Alastair Fothergill (director), Mark Linfield (director) Yes
The Meerkats 2008 Follows the daily struggles for survival of a meerkat clan in the Kalahari Desert Paul Newman (narrator), James Honeyborne (director) Yes
One Life 2011 Feature-length version of the Life TV series Daniel Craig (narrator), Michael Gunton (director), Martha Holmes (director) Yes

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