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NH Entertainment Media Group (NHemg)
Native name
FounderKim Nam-hee
Number of locations
Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu
Key people
Kim Nam-hee (CEO)
ServicesMusic production
artist management
OwnerSignal Entertainment Group (50%)
ParentSignal Entertainment Group
SubsidiariesNH&Major1998 (50%)
Global H (50%)

NH Media (also known as NHemg) (KoreanNH미디어, NH stands for Nam Hee) is a South Korean entertainment agency founded in 1998 by Kim Nam-hee.

In May 2016, Signal Entertainment Group acquired 50% of the company.[1]

Former artists[edit]

Joint ventures[edit]

In 2013, NH Media announced that it had joined forces with Major Entertainment, whose main focus had been on managing actors and actresses. NH Media claimed that the joint agencies would increase their area of expertise. Kim Nam Hee, CEO Of NH Media,[5] officially registered NH&Major1998 as an incorporation.[6][7][8]

In 2014, NH Media and Nega Network formed a joint venture called "Global H".


  1. ^ co-managed with Nega Network under joint venture GLOBAL H)[4]


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