NIAONiao Virtual Singer

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NIAONiao Virtual Singer
Screenshot of BETA interface
Screenshot of BETA interface
Initial releaseAugust 17, 2011; 7 years ago (2011-08-17)
Stable release
Operating systemWindows XP SP2 and above
Available inChinese
TypeVoice synthesizer

NIAONiao Virtual Singer (Chinese: 袅袅虚拟歌手), is a freeware vocal synthesizer application built for Chinese and is the first singing vocal synthesizer made in China.[1]


The software works similar to the Vocaloid software by Yamaha and another free shareware software called UTAU.

The default voicebank is named Yu Niaoniao (余袅袅), however additional voicebanks can be made manually to produce new vocals and additional languages are possible. The website for the software offers several other vocals for download.[2]

The main samples are packed in a single large file. NIAONiao can have final consonants in a voice, since it is built for the Chinese language. There is a panel at the bottom for controlling parameters, pitchbends, and vibrato.

NIAONiao can import MIDI files, VSQX files, and UST files, export tracks as the "Niao" file format (*.nn), and can render vocal tracks directly as WAV, MP3, or MIDI files.


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