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The NIE Number is a tax identification number in Spain, known in Spanish as the Número de Identidad de Extranjero.


The NIE Number is issued by the National Police of Spain and in accordance to Spanish law is required for the purchase or sale of any real estate, vehicle, or boat within Spain.[1] There are many other transactions that require the parties involved to possess an NIE Number.

The NIE Number itself is issued on a standard A4 page, with the recipients full name (as written on the passport used during the application process), their place of birth, their nationality, and the number itself, along with a stamp and signature provided by the National Police.


Although largely ignored by the vast majority of foreigners up until the year 2005, the "National Tax Identification" number of Spain has been a requirement for all individuals conducting any type of business within Spain that involves purchasing or selling any items. The Spanish government have linked the NIE Number to various other departments such as the Social Security and residence (e.g. including the NIE Number on the tarjeta de residencia - residence card).[2]

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