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The NIH MERIT award (Method To Extend Research in Time) Award (R37) was created by the National Institutes of Health in 1986.[1] It is a prestigious award designed to provide stable, long-term funding support to outstanding, experienced investigators whose productivity is distinctly superior and who are deemed highly likely to continue to perform their research activities in an outstanding manner. The MERIT award provided funding for 5 years and could be renewed for up to 10 years. Unlike most NIH grant awards, the MERIT award can not be applied for by the investigator. Researchers submitting an R01 that receives a fundable score are considered for the award. In 2018, the NIH began awarding MERIT awards to "Early Stage Investigators", who are in the first 10 years of their career.

Notable MERIT award recipients[edit]

Name Institute Year
Jeffery Alberts Indiana University 1998
Susan Amara National Institutes of Health 2004
Arnold Berk UCLA 2003
Mark Blumberg University of Iowa 2014
Gary Borisy Northwestern University 1989
Joan Brugge Harvard Medical School 1987
Joseph D. Brain Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 1987
Donald S. Coffey Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 1988
Chris Q. Doe University of Oregon 2013
John Engelhardt University of Iowa 2005
David L. Felten Oakland University 1989
Andrew Feinberg Johns Hopkins University 2001
Catherine Clarke Fenselau Johns Hopkins University 1991
Jorge E. Galán Yale University 2000, 2015
Ethel Gilbert National Cancer Institute 2003
Patricia A. Grady NIH
Shiv I.S. Grewal National Cancer Institute
Alan Grodzinsky MIT 1994
Curtis C. Harris National Cancer Institute 2009
Eric Jacobsen Harvard University 2002
Muhammad Ashraf University of Cincinnati 2003
Lily Jan UCSF 2006
Barbara B. Kahn Harvard University 2006
Kenneth W. Kinzler Johns Hopkins University 2002
Leonid Kruglyak Princeton University 2002
Hsiang-fu Kung National Cancer Institute 1998
M. Daniel Lane Johns Hopkins School of Medicine 1990
Mitchell Lazar University of Pennsylvania
Xihong Lin Harvard University 2007
Andrew D. Luster Massachusetts General Hospital
James L. Manley Columbia University
Sean J. Morrison UT Southwestern 2009
Eric N. Olson UT Southwestern 2000
Michele Pagano NYU School of Medicine 2006
Pier Paolo Pandolfi Harvard Medical School 2005
Carol Prives Columbia University 1996
Alexander Raikhel University of California Riverside
Julius Rebek Scripps Research Institute 1996
Clarice Reid NHLBI
Edward T. Ryan Massachusetts General Hospital-Harvard University
Sandra Schmid UT Southwestern 2000
John M. Sedivy Brown University 2009
Edward I. Solomon Stanford University 1995, 2002
Suresh Subramani UC San Diego
Kenneth Thibodeau National Archives and Records Administration 2000
Inder Verma Salk Institute for Biological Studies 1987
Sean Whelan Harvard Medical School 2005
William T. Wickner Dartmouth Medical School
Charles R. Wira Dartmouth College
George Woude Van Andel Research Institute 1982
Hao Wu Harvard Medical School
Margaret C. Wu National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 1989
Nancy Zahniser University of Colorado
Patricia Spear Northwestern University 1987, 1999
Dagmar Sternad Northeastern University 2022


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